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Startup development in Southeast asia is arguably being its best season at the moment. For example, in Indonesia there is always a new startup that launched, every month. And there is always a new startup that received funding from the Venture Capital. Not only its startup rises, innovations in their products even more creatively to […]

Australia has a not-for-profit organization that supports Australian fintech community named Fintech Australia. They help Australian fintech startups build their awareness and trust and also advocacy to have a better policy on behalf of their members. It was founded in October 2015 and now they already comprise over 70 startups, venture capital funds, hubs and […]

It is said that the most lethal force in building a new company is the ammunition of manpower and brain. Singapore has nearly become an Asian hub for startups since they have the key factors to support startups such as tech-savvy population, easy access to funding and the quality of life. These factors have attracted […]

Fintech is one of the startup scenes that flourishes in Singapore. The country has a conducive ecosystem for this sector since Singapore is a developed nation and the business hub for ASEAN countries. It is true that fintech is very well-received there and it attracts many fintech startups to make Singapore their base. For the […]

In this modern era, many businesses have a wide range of IT requirements. It includes the website design, the search engine optimization, and running an online and digital marketing. The company also has to spread social media engagement, creating graphics and customer management. So, IT today is no longer an addition to the day-to-day running […]

Tech startup is a good option nowadays. Why is that so? Today, being an entrepreneur is a smart choice in the world of business since the model of business today is far different than it was years ago. The rich folks would think and act differently than everyone else. They have to earn their wealth, […]