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a young asian office worker is sitting at his desk. he could be a designer, programmer or a businessman.


This is our way to work

Not only you can hire individual developers through our product list, we can also work with you in other models

Fixed Bid

We will learn about your project, then give you a proposal on the apps making with a fixed timeline and budget.


“We are very excited and happy to see the App finally in the wild. The first reviews are very positive (except the one who is complaining. But he’s one of these guys who probably always complains about everything because what he writes is simply not true). Thank you all and feel hugged (Just if you like, of course).“

Dirk Ziegener, Operations Director, Etecture


Extended Team

Hire our amazing talents for your business and you can manage them remotely.


“Thanks for your email and your commitment to get things fixed and improved. We acknowledge that we have to work closer, with better processes in order to have a well defined scope with agile governance in place, robust QA process and strong communication. I fully align with your comments and we are fully confident that with WGS we have the right partner to achieve our project and that we will tune in the coming weeks the way we work together.“

Arnaud Fritz, Co-founder & CTO, MYRE

Agile Development

We will respond to your message fast, we will also deliver the final product to you fast.

“I wanted to tell you, you have done an amazing job and I really appreciate everything you have done. I have VERY HAPPY!!! Nice work.”

Keith Hardwicke K&L Consulting


Hourly Package

Contact us at any time if you have sudden idea for your apps, we will change it by request.

“I want to take the chance to congratulate you for the work you are doing lately. I wasn’t sure we could turn alive the application with you, but now I feel confident we can do it. Thanks, and keep doing a nice job.“


24/7 Support

We maintain your apps and server system 24×7 for you.

“Just to follow up with you with more specific details about the next few months. Over the last few weeks we have noticed that your code quality is very high and that you are able deliver features very quickly.”